Performance through development

Who We Are

DynaTech Automotive AB works together with the leading international automotive industry by providing a full range of specialized services in vehicle development and integration.

Besides its engineering expertise, its renowned DynaTech Performance Team is recognized for presenting the most spectacular shows across the world.  We are also experts in offering customized advanced driving training both for professionals and amateurs.


DynaTech Automotive AB was founded in 2012 by former engineers of Saab Automobile with many decades of experience in the forefront of the vehicle development industry. Since then the company has grown steadily year by year acquiring a privileged customer portfolio that includes OEMs, component suppliers, research centres and testing facilities.

Through our team of qualified and experienced engineers, we offer support across almost every service comprised within vehicle objective and subjective evaluation, development and validation. We are specialized in all kinds of systems tuning: control, steering, brakes, AWD, suspension, etc. Be it for short-term or long-term and whether as an added support or leading the project itself, DynaTech becomes a committed member of the customer’s engineering team and is a cost-effective and high-quality solution for all automotive businesses.

In addition to this, our The DynaTech Performance Team is recognized world-wide for its highly professional and spectacular performance shows. On the other hand, through The Winter Experience by DynaTech we offer auto amateurs and professionals alike a unique experience with customized advanced winter driving training in a world-leading proving ground – Colmis –  located in the north of Sweden (Arjeplog). We also offer customized driving training programs on demand all over the world.

Colmis, a part-owner

Our company is partly owned by Colmis, a word-leading proving ground located in Arjeplog, northern Sweden, which serves key auto manufacturers and suppliers from all over the world (including FCA, GM, Mando and many more). DynaTech is the official engineering partner of Colmis and together in 2015 we successfully launched ColmisPlus (, the most comprehensive cold climate testing solution on the market.


Managing Team

Sture Lestander

Chairman of the Board @ DynaTech Automotive AB

Stefan Rundquist

CEO @ DynaTech Automotive AB

Kenneth Bäcklund

Vehicle Dynamics Development Engineer / Instructor @ DynaTech Automotive AB

Harald Fjellström

Senior Advisor @ Colmis AB

Mikael Hallin

Managing Director @ Colmis AB

Benjamin Minshaw

Marketing and Sales Manager